about ghazal

I'm Ghazal, welcome to my page, this is a brief history of me. I got accepted to Shahid Beheshti University in the Chemistry Major and finished my Bachelor’s with A final grades. At this point, I knew Chemistry could not satisfy my artistic taste or help me achieve my desirable career. I had already enrolled in a Master’s of Polymer Chemistry at the same university when I realized I could no longer postpone doing what I love the most in life, designing jewelry. It has been a life-long dream of mine to establish my own jewelry brand, and I knew I had to immediately start dedicating my time and energy to build the founding blocks of the long road ahead of me. Therefore, I enrolled in a number of essential courses, such as Jewelry sketching, Jewelry making (Sawing, Welding, Surface Finishing, and etc.) , Etching, Matrix software, Photoshop, and Photography. Learning all these skills and practicing regularly, combined with my own passion and talent, resulted in very promising achievements. I participated in the Shiraz International Exhibition, which was very fruitful in terms of getting familiar with designs and artists from different countries and getting inspired by their talent. Later, I participated in the Tehran International Exhibition and London Jewelry Exhibition, both being well-known and brilliant events that strengthened my ambitions to become an expert jewelry designer. Moreover, I participated in two private exhibitions and signed contracts with four galleries to sell my pieces. Although I have been tirelessly working and improving, it has not always been easy to stay at the top of my game.